Monday, 5 November 2012

Life of a gal in IIT BHUBANESWAR

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”!!! 
Though whatever I was blessed with, I still had a thought pondering in my mind - “Am I in the right shoes “???
Despite the fact of being lucky enough to be called an iitian when compared to the thousands who appeared for jee, at any point of time, the life here makes you feel creepy. It’s hard to realize that we are no longer in a school where there used to be an equal sex ratio.
On the very first day  in college , I just prayed to god that I shouldn’t be the only gal in the entire batch and thanks to the almighty for paying heed to my prayers that he gave me a few companions to sail with for the rest of my 4 years in the same boat. After a long journey away from home, I come here just to find a guy in every direction I look at. I almost freaked out as I could foresee the situations where I would be the sole 1 of my kind in a sea of boys...
I feel so strange in classes and labs as loneliness descends upon me making me feel like a lost filly among a dazzle of zebras. It’s been like a walk in a bubble where u find different colors blended with each other but vividly distinct and you trying to wade off through every group with none being left behind - the very existence unnoticed. It’s as if I am an outliner in the entire system – a girl in an IIT!!
 There are many such moments where you almost go to pieces as the silence around starts haunting you and you have nowhere to make an escape but just to stare at the loneliness that you are destined to stay with for 4 long years. Has this been the situation in every iit when it was started? It’s not easy to have a go about life in an iit when there are pairs of eyes glued to every action of yours. Be it completing an assignment secretly in class or catching up on a short nap, it is very difficult to go ahead without being noticed by the boys or the professors.Is the entire life in this iit all about a roller coaster ride through torturous exams, grades and fun fests and nothing new to learn???? When compared to the life in an older iit, I guess we don’t even get to live 1/4th of it.
 As the day sets, I am left to ponder about the same again – “am I in the right shoes “? But I am left with nothing but just to move on with the curriculum and surroundings, whatever they might be!!

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