Monday, 5 November 2012

I Love Dowry

As I was not aware of any hot gossip growing under my nose in my god forsaken institute…I took a break to think about my date with my girlfriend and then peaked into my wallet and, Tadaaaa….i realize I am broke once again. So, i need to invoke the clause “A friend in need is a friend indeed”…and then due to lack of motivation(you know for what) I engaged myself into the inevitable “BHAAT”….and as we are the “FUTURE” of India…and we still think we can change something about our “HOLY” country, we took “The Dowry System” this time and it went on and on and on and on…….and on….and somewhere in  between I thought  of my date and my wallet…and I didn’t know why, but I spontaneously said “ We deserve dowry”….and all the friends were like “ What the ****(All of us pretend to be responsible citizens of India)” ….and there came my supernatural logic, I said “Almost all the girls are someone’s girlfriend and in almost every relationship it’s the guy(if employed) or guy’s dad who feels the heat of all the rise related policies of government, while the girl enjoys the complementary ice cream in >= “Baskin-Robbins” so in-short my dad’s pays for my needs and my girlfriend’s luxuries….so it’s no more than mere decency for the girl’s father to give some monetary benefits to my poor dad for all the hardships I and my dad went through to fulfill his daughter’s blood sucking and mostly insane needs and demands” and my friends were like “ What the ****( All of us still pretend to be responsible citizens of India)”,then I said “ I am sorry guys I am just broke and I have a date tomorrow” , I mean that’s a weird argument isn’t it??......:)

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