Saturday, 26 October 2013

All that is good or bad ends

You know, all those instances when you have an epiphany, for a moment you think, Eureka! I have found the truth, one of the absolute ones but a minute later you realize it’s just an adage which somehow your sub-conscious fed you as a Deja-vu. Yeah, I just had one of those. So it has been raining cats and dogs here and the chill during the morning is not all that pleasant when I think of taking bath and thus I get myself a bucket full of steaming hot water. The sheer joy that I get while pouring each bit of the water is much like the tender rays of morning sun in winters. It’s warm, oh yes it is warm and caring not blatant but strong enough to fight the cold. It’s also like a compendium of springs of past all put altogether. I remembered my mother, in that one fine summer morning when she was running behind me to get me dressed up for school and there were these most warm parathas that were waiting for me. But even before the bucket was half empty, I started to have grief that it would soon end and all I’ll have will be the chill of the rain. All that springs of childhood is long gone.
In that moment, that short-lived moment, I had the epiphany. Anything that is good or bad, that is dead or alive, that is material or idea has an inevitable destiny to meet. That it will end, is sure. And what I have at hand is me, young, oh yes young and exhilarating but soon will this end. Don’t take me as a cynic but I am not sure what to take out of this, is ‘moving on’, man’s righteousness? Sure it is that of the dead because they don’t have a choice.
You know, what else is like summer? Raghav Sachar’s Gulaabi Aankhein. I have been listening to it as I was writing this piece and highly recommend it. Best part, you can always replay it! No end to that!

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